ChefDo you know the nursery rhyme about Simple Simon and the Pie-man? It tells a story about a consumer and a producer. Consumers are people who buy and use goods and services. Producers are people who make goods and provide services.


In this lesson you will learn what consumers and producers do. You will also be asked to give two examples of resources used by producers.


Read the rhyme about Simple Simon.

Who is the consumer? Who is the producer? Think about these types of questions in the attached Producers Use Resources.


Consumers and producers need each other. Consumers need producers to make the goods and services they buy and use. Producers need consumers to buy the goods and services they want to sell.


Sell Lemonade

  1. Complete the 'Consumer or Producer' activity online or print the worksheet and complete it in class.
  2. Draw a picture and write a story about a producer providing a good or service to a consumer.