Community helpers are people who help us in our neighborhoods. We say that they provide a SERVICE for us. Do you know what a SERVICE is? In this lesson you will learn about the difference between GOODS and SERVICES.


You will draw a picture of a community helper, and perhaps write some sentences about him or her, to show or tell how that helper provides a SERVICE.


Goods are things you can buy that you can touch. Can you buy apples? Can you touch apples? Then the apples are goods.

lawnmowerCan you touch and buy jump ropes, swing sets, bats and balls, caps, pans, or pencils? These items are all called goods.

From time to time we also buy things that cannot be touched. For example, we buy haircuts when we go to the barber shop or the salon. We buy repairs and cleaning for our teeth when we go to the dentist. And we may buy a nicely mowed lawn by hiring a lawn service. In all three cases, we are buying a SERVICE. It is something done for us.

moneyCommunity helpers are people who provide a SERVICES for us. Some of our community helpers are paid by our government. What is a government? Click on this site and read the first page:Ben's Guide to US Government: Our Government .

What community helpers are paid by the government and what do they do? Click on Ben's Guide to US Government: Your Neighborhood and find out!


GOODS are things you can buy and touch. SERVICES are things you can buy that are done for you. Community helpers provide SERVICES to our neighborhoods. The government pays some Community helpers to do their job.


Try these activities on goods and services they provide to review what community helpers do for our neighborhoods.

Now draw a picture of a community helper helping people in our neighborhoods. You can write sentences about the community helper, too!


Learn about the difference between the producers of goods and services in: Delivering the Goods.