constructionYou are mayor of a new up and coming community. You need to make sure your town is safe so that many new people will move into your area. When you build your community you will need to match each worker to the job she or he provides for the community. Notice whether that person provides a good or a service to the community. It is important that both types of people live in your community in order for it to grow.

[Note: Teachers and advanced students can click here to learn more about city planning]


In this lesson you will learn that a job is work people do to earn a living. You will also find out what the difference is between jobs that provide a service and jobs that provide a good.


Activity 1:

hairMatch each person with the job that he or she provides for the community using this interactive drag and drop activity.

Activity 2:

After you have determined the job that each person provides for a community, design a working community using these worksheets, or draw your own. Make sure to include:

  • three businesses that provide a service.
  • three businesses that produce a good that is used by the people in the community.
  • three types of shelter that people could live in.

plumberNext, add any other details to your community that you think it should have in order to look like a community that someone would want to live in.

When you are finished building your community, write a story about your community including several reasons why someone would want to move there.


Be prepared to discuss why is it so important to have people living in a community that provide services as well as goods. Think about what would happen to a community if there were no businesses in town?


You can check your understanding by using this interactive drag and drop activity. In this activity you will sort people into the categories they belong in (good, service, or both).

Draw a picture of yourself doing jobs that you are responsible for in your family. You can show yourself taking out the garbage, picking up your room, helping to clean the house, setting the table, or folding clothes. Other possible jobs could be mowing the lawn or cleaning the kennel or cage for a pet. Write a story about yourself and present it to the class.

To learn more about kids who are making a difference in their community check out the what kids can do  website.