A long time ago some people worked as shoemakers (also called cobblers). A shoemaker made shoes. Each shoe was

made one at a time to fit someone's foot. How do you think that is different from the way shoes are made today? In any business, people must have certain tools and equipment that help them do their job.


In this lesson you are going to learn about Capital Resources, using the shoemaking business as an example.

Capital Resources are special tools, materials, equipment, machines, and buildings that are used to make other goods and services.


If you made a valentine for your mom, what would you use? Those are all CAPITALValentine RESOURCES. Those are the items you had to use in order to produce the valentine. Businesses use CAPITAL RESOURCES in order to produce what they sell.

TshirtThink about how people make t-shirts. What capital resources are used in making t-shirts?

What about your shoes? What did the business that made your shoes use?

A long time ago cobblers, or shoemakers, made each shoe by hand. The shoe was made especially for the foot of the person who wanted the shoe. What sort of tools and materials did the shoemaker need to make the shoes?

Read the story of "The Shoemaker and the Elves " and see what CAPITAL RESOURCES the


 shoemaker leaves for the elves so that the elves could produce a pair of shoes.

Click here and find out how one business still makes shoes one at a time for each person.

Colonial Williamsburg 
A shoemaker's complete tool kit included relatively few items and could be purchased for about the same price as a common pair of shoes.



All businesses use tools and materials to produce goods and services. These CAPITAL RESOURCES are important. What would school be like without books, pencils, pens, paper, scissors, glue, markers, crayons, desks, chairs, a school building, or any other supplies? These goods help you to learn in school.


Show your understanding of capital resources by doing this matching activity. In this activity you will match certain capital resources with the business that uses the resource to produce goods and services or the end product.