This lesson is about wants. Little Penguin is hungry and she wants to eat. This story is about how Little Penguin tries to get what she wants.


Economic Wants


  • Define economic wants as things people would like to have.


peguinsEverybody has wants. Students want toys, clothes, and treats to eat. Students want stories to be read to them, songs to be sung to them, and fun things to do. This introductory economic lesson allows students to find out that everybody has wants - even if you are a penguin!



peguinIn this lesson the students will discover that people have economic wants. As the students hear the story about Little Penguin, they will recognize that Little Penguin wants to eat. She is hungry. The questions that follow the story will lead the students to understand that people have wants, too. At the end of the lesson, the students may draw pictures of their wants to share their wants with their friends.

To introduce the concept of wants, it is important for the students to find out that everyone has wants. Have the students read Rumble, Grumble, Gurgle, Roar.

[NOTE: The distinction between wants and needs is not part of this lesson. Some children may state that Little Penguin NEEDED to eat. Just reinforce that needs are also wants.

To use this as a science lesson, it would be appropriate to discuss what some wants are for other animals. Do squirrels want to eat fish? Do squirrels have other wants? Do rabbits eat fish? What do rabbits want to eat?]


Instruct the students to draw a picture of their wants.

Students can go here for other fun activities and stories.


The students will have learned that everybody has wants.


  • “With the new movie Happy Feet and the story Tacky the Penguin as our reader's theater, I am excited to try this lesson with my First Grade Looping class! Thank you so much!”

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  • “This lesson was a very cute and clever way to teach children about wants and needs.”

    Angie Laughlin, Lexington, KY   POSTED ON December 29, 2007

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