In this lesson you will learn about the difference between the producers of goods and services. You will also complete an interactive activity that will teach you about providers of goods and services.


In this lesson, you will differentiate between goods and services and identify the names of producers of goods and services.


Complete this activity.

As you work through this activity, make sure you think about each question and then click on it to find out what the answer is.


In conclusion generate a list of local businesses and the goods and services they provide.


List examples of producers of goods and producers of services associated with schools. For example, teachers are producers of services.

What goods or services do each of the producers provide?


For this activity, you will bake bread with your teacher, discussing the process from the origins of the ingredients to suggesting all possible outlets and uses for the bread and/or visit a working farm for a first-hand experience of the process of milk/meat production, and crop growing.