The Difference Between Goods and Services


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Good Morning, Earthling. I have come to your planet to learn more about what you call "communities" and how each community has people that provide goods and services. Our world does not understand what that is all about. I need you to teach me what the difference is. I will return to my planet when you have helped me to understand what they are and why they are important.


FiremanIn this lesson you will distinguish between people who produce goods and people who provide services. You will also learn that what people do for others is a service and learn that goods are things made or grown.


In order to grow, a community needs many people to provide services and goods. As you begin to build your community on your planet, you need to think about what the most important things are that require you need to live everyday. You have studied our life form. If you guess that the important thing is providing goods for people so they can live and help others, you are right.

Relate jobs with the goods or services they provide by clicking here.


ChefMy little alien friend, you have learned the difference between the goods and the services that people provide to a community. You should be able to go back to your planet and begin to set up your own community. It takes a lot of people working together to make sure that a town or community is growing.


Click here or here for a fun matching game.

You can also explore this Goods and Services Web site and take the quiz in the middle of the page.


VegesAsk your mom or dad what they do in their jobs; then decide if they provide a service or a good for the community. Report your finding to the class.

Think of an item that you have at home--an item your parents bought to help you in your everyday life. Bring the item, or a picture of it, to class; display it as an example of a good.

Make a picture collage of services that are provided to a community.

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