Agent Pincher: The Case of the missing Susan B. Anthony Dollar


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Susan B. AnthonyYou are needed on a case. Your assistance has been requested by Detective Penn Pincher to serve as his assistant. It seems that someone has recently noticed that an American dollar coin with Susan B. Anthony on its face has not been seen in quite awhile. You are to investigate and prepare a report for the top brass concerning what happened to the Susan B. Anthony coin.


Your task is to solve the mystery of the missing Susan B. Anthony dollars. To get started you'll need to do some researchagent about money: what it is and what its uses are. The information you gather through the process will give you a foundation for solving the mystery. Use your Agent's Notebook to aid you in your investigation.


Assignment 1

Before you start on your investigation, you'll get some help from a money specialist (your teacher) who has been hired to hold a workshop for all the agents on this case. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of what and why money is used. Be sure to record any relevant information from this workshop in your Agent's Notebook.

Assignment 2

You'll need to know about the history of the Susan B. Anthony dollar in order to solve the mystery. Read this biography on Susan B. Anthony to view a good source of information about the Susan B. Anthony coin.

Knowledge of how money is made and circulated is important for this case.view this page on U.S. Currency to learn about the life of a dollar.

Be sure to record your findings in your Agent's Notebook.

Assignment 3

JUST IN! Eyewitnesses have reported sightings of a golden-colored coin with the same characteristics as the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Investigate this new coin. Research on this coin will affect your investigation of the disappearance of the Susan B. Anthony coin. Our intelligence department has been able to find a source describing the new coin. View the U.S. Mint website and look at the Native American $1 Coin Act page for more details.

Assignment 4

Answer the final questions in your Agent's Notebook. These questions will help you to prepare the final report to be submitted to the top brass.


Not just anything will serve as money: If it's money, it has to be durable, divisible, portable and widely accepted. Believe it or not, you could make your own money! However you may not copy the money that is circulated and printed by the Federal Reserve, and you may not identify money you make as a Federal Reserve Note. So, for the most part, you probably won't find people or merchants willing to accept your homemade money as payment for goods and services.


Complete your Agent's Notebook. Prepare a report for the top brass regarding the failure of the Susan B. Anthony dollar.Susan B. Anthony dollar Also, provide your recommendations regarding the new golden coin.