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Standards for Productivity and Graphing Linear and Quadratic Functions

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National Standards in Economics

Name: Economic Growth

Standard: 15

  • Students will understand that: Investment in factories, machinery, new technology, and in the health, education, and training of people stimulates economic growth and can raise future standards of living.
  • Students will be able to use this knowledge to: Predict the consequences of investment decisions made by individuals, businesses, and governments.

State Standards

Common Core State Standards


Standard: High School: Algebra

Area: High School: Algebra

  • Represent and solve equations and inequalities graphically.

Name: HSF-IF.B

Standard: High School: Functions

Area: High School: Functions

  • Interpret functions that arise in applications in terms of the context.

Name: HSF-IF.C

Standard: High School: Functions

Area: High School: Functions

  • Analyze functions using different representations.