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Grade 9-12

What’s the Cost of Spending and Saving?

Time: 90 mins,
Updated: September 20 2019,


Students will be able to:

  • Identify the costs and the benefits of spending and saving.
  • Calculate investment accumulations for various interest rates and investment time periods.
  • Compare the benefits and costs of saving and investment strategies that vary over one’s life cycle.
  • Analyze and explain the impact of amount saved, time, and rate of return on financial accumulations.

In this personal finance lesson, students will learn how compound interest makes savings grow.

Book Info

This lesson is part of Financial Fitness for Life 9-12, 3rd Edition and provides the slides and activities with educational technology tools. For full access to the book, shop the teacher guide and student workbook below.

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Available in eBook and hard copy

Available in eBook and hard copy


This lesson examines the benefits and costs of spending and saving. The students learn how compound interest makes savings grow. Compounding provides an incentive to save and invest early. The benefits of saving and investing when you are young can increase substantially over time when funds are allowed to compound.


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