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Grade 3-5

Oh Scarcity Sing-a-Long

Updated: March 17 2020,



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There’s nothing quite like a song to help students remember new vocabulary. Oh, Scarcity is one of many songs you can find on kidseconposters.com, a website from the Indiana Council for Economic Education. Thank you to Shanan Riegle’s fifth grade students at Yorktown Elementary in Indiana for performing this song.

Oh, Scarcity (Lyrics by Martha Hopkins)
Tune: Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, scarcity! Oh, scarcity!
We can’t have all the things we want.
Oh, scarcity! Oh, scarcity!
We cannot have it all.

We really want a lot of stuff.
But sometimes there’s just not enough.
Oh, scarcity! Oh, scarcity!
We cannot have it all.