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Grade 9-12

Managing Risk

Time: 90 mins,
Updated: September 20 2019,


Students will be able to:

  • Identify key types of insurance such as health, auto, homeowners, renter’s, life, and disability.
  • Explain the costs and benefits of purchasing the key types of insurance.



In this personal finance lesson, students will understand the costs and benefits of the key types of insurance.

Book Info

This lesson is part of Financial Fitness for Life 9-12, 3rd Edition and provides the slides and activities with educational technology tools. For full access to the book, shop the teacher guide and student workbook below.

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Available in eBook and hard copy

Available in eBook and hard copy


Most people are concerned about protecting the value of their assets, regardless of their income or socioeconomic background. One tool that is commonly used to help reduce the potential of financial loss is insurance. This lesson is designed to explain how insurance can be used to manage personal risk by explaining how insurance works and the various types that are available. Understanding the costs and benefits of insurance enables students to make better financial choices.

Personal Finance