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Grade 9-12

Making Credit Choices

Time: 90 mins,
Updated: June 18 2019,


Students will be able to:

  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of using credit.
  • Make decisions about the wise use of credit.

In this personal finance lesson, students will examine five hypothetical cases to learn about credit.

Book Info

This lesson is part of Financial Fitness for Life 9-12, 3rd Edition and provides the slides and activities with educational technology tools. For full access to the book, shop the teacher guide and student workbook below.

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Student Workbook

Available in eBook and hard copy

Available in eBook and hard copy


In deciding whether to use credit, individuals must consider many factors. The considerations are often situation-specific and they are often subject to different interpretations by different prospective borrowers. The underlying question in each case is whether the advantages of using credit would outweigh the disadvantages. In this lesson, the students address that question in an examination of five hypothetical cases, acting as financial advisors to clients considering the use of credit.


Personal Finance