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Grade 9-12

Evaluating Credit Card Offers

Time: 40 mins,
Updated: September 23 2020,
Author: Intuit Education


Students will be able to:

  • Evaluate credit card offers by describing differences among credit cards rates and fees.
  • Recommend how to choose the best credit terms that best fit your needs.

In this personal Finance Activity students will use Mint, a real-world personal finance app, to follow Isaiah throughout the year and learn about different types of credit card offers.

FFFL Connection

Evaluating Credit Card Offers has been created as a real-world, hands-on technology simulation to accompany FFFL 9-12, 3rd Edition lesson 15 called Shopping for a Credit Card. If you have not taught this lesson plan, we recommend students are proficient in the credit concepts.


For students to be able to access Mint successfully, they must use the same computer or device every time they access Mint. Otherwise, they will be forced to re-create a new account. Paid advertisements appear in Intuit Mint. The Council for Economic Education does not endorse or evaluate the advertised product, service, or company, nor any of the claims made by the advertisement.


Prior to introducing students to Mint, we recommend teachers read through the Curriculum Orientation (Section 1) to get acquainted with each activity and complete the Curriculum Orientation (section 2) before having your students complete Curriculum Orientation and the Intro Activity. This simulation is a hand-on activity that lets students shop for a credit card online, evaluating various offers. Before starting the Mint activity, students should know the following:

  • The definition of a credit card.
  • Credit card companies are required to disclose credit card information.
  • Lower interest rates benefit borrowers.
  • Banks compete by offering different terms for their credit card accounts. Consumers can evaluate offers to find the best card that suits their personal financial needs.

Students will do the following in this activity:

  1. Go to Mint or Mint.com.
  2. Log on using directions to access Mint as the fictional user Scott.

Upon logging into Mint:

  1. Direct students from the Dashboard to the Ways to Save tab.
    • A credit card icon and menu appear by default. Students need to access this section.
    • To complete some questions, students will be asked to select a credit card offer.
    • Doing so will direct the students out of Mint to the credit card’s website.


Students will complete questions on the Evaluating Credit Card offers Activity. Additionally, the following reflection question is given to conclude and asses.

It is common for consumers to regularly received credit card offers in the mail (in addition to online offers). In business, we learn that the best interactions are when both parties in an exchange benefit.

  • What is the benefit or potential gain for people who already have credit cards to get these offers?
  • What is the benefit or potential gain for the credit card companies to send these?
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