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Calculating Price Elasticity

In this economics activity, students will practice calculating elasticity of demand.
Key Concepts: Demand, Elasticity of Demand
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Net Worth Key Terms

In this math activity, students will review their understanding of net worth key terms.
Key Concepts: Income, Money
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Is It Worth It?

In this personal finance activity, students will consider the costs of saving to make a purchase.
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Saving
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My Savings Goal

In this personal finance activity, students will identify a savings goal and steps to achieve it.
Key Concepts: Saving
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How Many Jeans Can I Buy?

In this economics activity, students will review how many goods can be purchased at various prices.
Key Concepts: Demand
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Integers and Net Worth

Using number sentences to represent net worth students explore addition of integers into assets, liabilities & net worth.
Key Concepts: Credit, Earned Income, Net Worth
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Interest and Percent Growth

In this math lesson, students will examine and calculate interest on loans and investments.
Key Concepts: Credit, Interest, Saving
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A FiCycle Analysis of GameStop

In this personal finance lesson, students will analyze the value of a stock to a long-term investor.
Key Concepts: Financial Investments, Investing, Money
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Making a Budget - It Is All Spending!

Students discover that all elements of a budget are essentially spending on goods and services.
Key Concepts: Decision Making, Goods and Services, Income…
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Financial Fitness for Life: Chapter 14

In this economics webinar, learn how rates change, affect economic activity and relate to inflation and recession. 
Key Concepts: Inflation, Opportunity Cost, Productive Resources
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