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Bonnie Meszaros

University of Delaware
Newark, DE

Dr. Bonnie Meszaros is an Assistant Professor at University of Delaware. She teaches classes for in-service and pre-service teachers to provide instruction in economics and how to teach it in grades K-12. Bonnie also holds the position of Associate Director of UD's Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship. Her work there includes offering economic education programs that emphasize standards-based instruction, higher-order thinking skills and integration of economics and entrepreneurship across the curriculum.

She served as project director and as a member of the writing team for the development of Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics and was one of the coauthors of National Standards for Financial Literacy. Bonnie is a past president of the National Association of Economic Educators and was a recipient of the Bessie B. Moore Service Award and the Patty Elder International Award. In addition, she has co-authored numerous economic education materials including, "Wide World of Trade", Focus: Economics Systems, "High School Economics", Focus; Globalization, "Economics": Grades 3-5 and a series of economics and children's literature packages. Bonnie has published in The Journal of Economic Education, Social Studies and the Young Learner, Social Education, AEA Papers and Proceedings, and Theory and Research in Social Education.

She received a masters and PhD from the University of Delaware and an undergraduate degree from Ohio Wesleyan University.

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