Grade 9-12

World Trade after World War II: The EU, NAFTA and the WTO | Lesson Demo

Updated: December 31 2006,
Author: barrel fan
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This video is a classroom demonstration of Lesson 39: The World Trade After WWII: The EU, NAFTA, and the WTO from CEE’s Understanding Economics in U.S. History publication. In this lesson the students participate in a trading simulation that illustrates the consequences of voluntary trade among individuals in increasingly large groups. They apply insights from this experience in an analysis of international trade after World War II, especially as it has been enhanced by the establishment of the European Union, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization.
The video starts with an introduction of an educator describing how she teaches the lesson, followed by a demonstration of the lesson being taught to students in the classroom.

This lesson was originally published in CEE’s Understanding Economics in U.S. History, which uses a unique mystery-solving approach to teach U.S. economic history to your high school students through 39 lessons. Visit the CEE Store for more information about the publication and how to purchase it.