Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

Preparing for the A.P. Micro Exam: Externalities & Firms

May 10 5:00-6:00pm ET
Time: 60 mins,
Updated: May 11 2021,
Presenter: Kathleen Brennan


Teachers will be able to:

  • Review concepts such as consumer surplus, producer surplus, and deadweight loss.
  • Examine the difference between private and public goods.
  • Learn tips and strategies for successful performance on the exam.

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In this economics webinar, review market failures and externalities as students prepare for the digital version of the AP exam.


An overview of CollegeBoard AP Microeconomics Course, Unit 6.

Teachers will review the important concepts, such as multiple choice and free response questions on positive and negative externalities and government interventions.

AP/IB Economics