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Interest Calculator

This interest calculator can be used to calculate the monthly payments and final amount paid on a loan for various...
Key Concepts: Credit, Interest
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Comparative Advantage Activity

This interactive activity illustrates the concept of comparative advantage in three hypothetical situations: first analyzing two workers in a pizza...
Key Concepts: Benefits of Trade, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis
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Break-Even Analysis Activity

This interactive graphs the break-even point using the equation, Breakeven Quantity (BEQ) = Fixed Costs / (Total Revenue per Job...
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Goods and Services, Profit
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Taxes and Income

This interactive can be used to review progressive, regressive and proportional taxes. Refer to the Math in the Real World...
Key Concepts: Income Distribution
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Exchange Rate Calculator

Exchange rate calculator which displays the amount of expenses in USD Today and USD Two Months Ago. Students can use...
Key Concepts: Foreign Exchange
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Production Possibilities Frontier

Learn how the math concept of slope can be used to model the opportunity cost of a production possibilities frontier....
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis
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Income Distribution

Students create an income distribution for a fictitious country to learn about quintiles. The interactive calculates the median and mean...
Key Concepts: Distribution of Income, GDP, Income Distribution
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U.S. Gross Domestic Product

In this interactive students will categorize statements, deciding if they should be included in the U.S. GDP or not.
Key Concepts: Fiscal Policy
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Developing Good Credit Habits

In this module, students will discover the secrets to developing good credit habits and learn how long it can take...
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Credit, Goods and Services…
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Saving and Investing Blitz

In this game, students will be asked a series of multiple choice questions. The longer it takes to answer, the...
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Credit, Economic Institutions…
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Interactive National Budget Simulator

Adjust the numbers in this interactive to see if you can balance the budget. This interactive is intended for use...
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, GDP
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Taxes Tic Tac Toe

In this game, students can play tic tac toe while answering questions about proportional, regressive, and progressive taxes.
Key Concepts: Taxes
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Goods & Services (All Seasons)

In this economics activity, you will learn about goods and services via drag and drop classification.
Key Concepts: Consumers, Goods and Services
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