The deadlines to apply for our teacher awards are closing in! New York metropolitan area high school teachers can apply here for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Teaching Champion Awards until 6/30, and K-12 teachers nationwide have until 6/28 to apply here for the John Morton Excellence in the Teaching of Economics Awards!

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A Silver Market | Lesson Demo

This video is a classroom demonstration of Lesson 7: A Silver Market from CEE's Capstone Exemplary Lessons for High School…
Key Concepts: Business Costs and Revenues, Choice, Consumers…
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What Do You Want To Be?

In this lesson, students have the opportunity to explore various jobs and decide what they might want to be when…
Key Concepts: Fiscal Policy, GDP, Real vs. Nominal
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Overview High School Economics

This webinar presents an overview of the Council for Economic Education's High School Economics publication. Please visit for more…
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