Grade 9-12
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Macro AP Economics Series: Unit 2: Business Cycles

Updated: November 18 2021


In this webinar teachers will be able to:

  • Understand the fluctuation between economic periods of expansion
  • Understand the contraction in the short run Explain the impact fluctuations in GDP, employment and inflation have on the phases of a business cycle Learn interactive student activities to use when teaching business cycles in the AP Macroeconomics classroom



Explore the fluctuating relationship between GDP, unemployment, and inflation and learn how to teach them to your student using historical examples.


In collaboration with Arizona Council On Economic Education, participants in this content-driven session will come away with an understanding of how the Business Cycle, a visual representation of the economic activity over time, can be used to understand the real-world situations of recessionary and expansionary periods. Attendees will examine both the historic fluctuating relationship between GDP, unemployment, and inflation historical, as well as examine current trends. Resources from the 4th Edition of Advanced Placement Macroeconomics Teacher Guide, College Board AP Classroom portal, and other online material will be highlighted.


AP/IB Economics