Grade 3-5, 6-8

How Global is Your Portfolio?

Updated: October 26 2022,
Author: Marsha Masters

This engaging lesson challenges students to connect economics and geography as they investigate global companies in the stock market.


Are your students studying the global economy or the stock market? Are they aware of publicly traded companies in the global market? This lesson provides research opportunities for students as they locate and investigate global companies listed on the DOW, NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Learning Objectives

  • Match companies and products with their company’s country headquarters.
  • Locate globally traded companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and the DOW.
  • Research information about globally traded companies and present findings to the class.

Resource List


stockmarket[NOTE: This lesson is a complement to the study of the stock market. It is not a prerequisite to have participated or be participating in a stock market simulation to complete this lesson. Lessons that are available through EconEd Link that fit well with this lesson include: NYSE Made Easy; Here’s Your Chance to Make Millions in the Stock Market: 3 part lesson (this is the link to part 1).

Briefly review what a stock is. [A share of ownership in a publicly traded company.] Also, review what a ticker symbol is. [The abbreviation for a publicly held company.] Ticker symbols with one to three letters are located on the New York Stock Exhange and ticker symbols with four letters or more are located on NASDAQ. Investors use the ticker symbol to identify the company when they buy stocks.

Share with students that when investing in the stock market, investors are encouraged to diversify their portfolios. In other words, one would not want to invest all their money in one industry or sector like only purchasing technology stocks or only investing in oil and gas companies. Share with students the benefit of diversifying, which is that if one industry or sector really suffered a great loss or was severely impacted by an event, their portfolios would not be completely destroyed.

Another suggestion advisors share is to consider the global market in stock portfolios. Recent articles by financial advisors note vast changes happening in the global economy. Emerging markets such as Brazil, India,and South Asia are gaining market share.

If your students were asked to name global companies, would they be able to list some? Do they know “where in the world” goods and services they consume are produced? Do they know information about companies in the global market? The activities of this lesson will increase their knowledge and better prepare them to “diversify their global portfolio!”

Company and Country Connection is a drag and drop activity.

Activity 1 Answers:
[Coca Cola- United States; Toyota Motor- Japan; Nokia- Finland; Nestle SA-Switzerland; Samsung Electronic-South Korea; Fresh DelMonte Produce- Cayman Islands;Dove Soap(Unilever)- Netherlands; Harry Winston Diamond Corporation- Canada]


In Activity 2 students visit three websites (the DOW , the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ) to become familiar with global companies. They will complete a scavenger hunt to find out more about the global market.

[Answer Sheet attached in Resource Section.]


Debrief the activity by reviewing some key points from this lesson:

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1. What is a stock?

[A stock is a share of ownership in a company.]

2. What is a ticker symbol?

[A ticker symbol is a letter or group of letters that symbolize a company and is used in purchasing shares of stock in the market.]

3. What is a portfolio of stocks?

[Portfolio of stocks is the stocks that you have purchased shares in.]

4. Why might you want to purchase stocks in the global market?

[There are companies in other countries that are predicted to have higher return than most US companies, and it also further diversifies your portfolio.]

5. Where is the company headquarters for Nokia?

[Nokia headquarters are located in Finland.]ticker

6. Where is the company headquarters for Samsung Electronics?

[Samsung Electronics headquarters are located in South Korea.]

7. Where is the company headquarters for Coca Cola?

[Coca Cola headquarters are located in the United States.]

8. Share one fact from your Global Scavenger Hunt.

[Answers will vary.]

9. Would you invest in global companies? Why or why not?

[Answers will vary.]

Extension Activity


Assign student teams a country. They will select three stocks from that country and track their performance over the course of several months. Tell them to diversify their “global portfolio” by selecting companies from different industries. Have students look for news events that affect their country and companies. Look at the trading price for the company. Note the changes weekly and make a graph to reflect the increase or decrease in stock value. After the timeframe selected, ask students to present their findings to the class.

Ask students to create a PowerPoint presentation to share with the class about their global company.



For the Global Research Activity students select one global company from Activity 2, research using and the company’s website(which is accessible through Yahoo Finance),complete the research sheet and present their findings to the class via an oral report. Encourage students to be creative and original in their presentations. (Optional: Students should be prepared to plot their country on a world map.)