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Personal Finance Printables

In this personal finance activity book, students will complete one-page handouts including sing-a-longs, matching, and drawings.
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Saving
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The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Pet teaches students how to deal with scarcity by having them choose what to buy for their new...
Key Concepts: Choice, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Scarcity…
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Goods and Services 2

In this interactive students match workers to the goods or services they provide. When they match a correct pair, feedback...
Key Concepts: Goods and Services
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Goods and Services

This drag-and-drop activity gives students the chance to decide if various items represent goods or services. There are four parts...
Key Concepts: Complementary Goods and Services, Consumers, Goods and Services
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