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Money Video and Quiz

This video teaches the concept of Money. Money is anything that is used to buy and sell goods and services.…
Key Concepts: Economic Institutions, Money, Trade, Exchange and Interdependence
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Producers Video and Quiz

This video teaches the concept of Producers. Producers use scarce resources to produce goods and services which they offer to…
Key Concepts: Business Costs and Revenues, Entrepreneurs, Market Structure…
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Supply Video and Quiz

This video teaches the concept of Supply. Supply refers to a relationship between price and the quantity of a good…
Key Concepts: Markets, Markets and Prices, Price Ceilings and Floors…
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Costs and Benefits of Saving

Teach students the costs and benefits of saving money.
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Credit, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis…
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Money or Barter?

Teach students the characteristics of money and barter with this interactive tool. Students will be asked to categorize statements as…
Key Concepts: Money
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The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Pet teaches students how to deal with scarcity by having them choose what to buy for their new…
Key Concepts: Choice, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Scarcity…
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Goods and Services 3

In this interactive students will match workers with the good or service they provide. When they make a correct match…
Key Concepts: Goods and Services
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EconEdLink Overview

This video is a basic introduction to the features of EconEdLink. It takes a look at the three most important…
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EconEdLink Workshop Overview

This video is from an EconEdLink workshop held at the National Center for Economic and Financial Education. Teachers learn how…
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Opportunity Cost – Consumers

When individuals produce goods or services, they normally trade (exchange) most of them to obtain other more desired goods or…
Key Concepts: Consumers, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Producers…
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How Global is Your Portfolio?

This engaging lesson challenges students to connect economics and geography as they investigate global companies in the stock market.
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Economic Institutions, Financial Markets
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