Grade K-2

Delivering the Goods

Updated: January 11 2021,

Delivering the Goods K-2 Economics Lesson. In this lesson, students have the opportunity to complete an interactive activity that teaches them about providers of goods and services.


Make sure students understand the difference between goods and services.

The lesson Woof! Woof! At Your Service talks about goods and services.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between goods and services.
  • Identify the names of the producers of goods and services.


Have the students complete this activity. As they work through the activity make sure they think about each question and then click on it to find out what the answer is.

Drag and Drop Activity


In conclusion have students generate a list of local businesses and the goods and services they provide.

Extension Activity


Have students list examples of producers of goods and producers of services associated with schools. For example, teachers are producers of services. [Services: Custodians, Teachers, Administration; Goods: Textbook Publishers, Computer Companies, Cooks]

Have them list the goods or services each producer they listed provides.