Grade 9-12
Upcoming Webinar

AP Macroeconomic Series: Preparing for Unit 6 FRQs

January 16 5:00-6:00pm ET
Time: 60 mins,
Updated: October 19 2022,
Presenter: Martha Rush


In this webinar teachers will be able to:

  • Explain correct labeling to ensure that students get full credit for their For-Ex market graphs
  • Help students learn to articulate their understanding of the connections between policies, exchange rates, and trade


Unit 6 FRQs on exchange rates, imports and exports, balance of payments, and the impact of policies on trade are some of the most challenging for students. In this session, we’ll work through several released FRQs and discuss tips for helping students succeed on them. We will utilize the A.P. Macroeconomics 4th Edition: Teacher Resource Manual to provide additional resources and share strategies on how to teach these concepts.
AP/IB Economics