Job Title Elementary School Teacher
Job Description An Elementary School Teacher lectures,
demonstrates, and uses audiovisual teaching aids
to present subject matter to class. He or she
prepares, administers, and corrects tests. He or
she assigns lessons, corrects papers, and hears
oral presentations. He or she is responsible for
maintaining order in the classroom and on the
playground. He or she discusses students’
progress with their parents.
Average Pay $41,980
Educational Requirements All 50 States and the District of Columbia require
public school teachers to be licensed. All States
require general education teachers to have a
bachelor’s degree and to have completed an
approved teacher-training program. Some States
also require technology training as part of the
teacher certification. A number of States require
specific minimum grade point averages for
teacher licensure. Some States require teachers
to obtain a master’s degree in education, which
involves at least 1 year of additional coursework
beyond the bachelor’s degree..
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