How Global is Your Portfolio?


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What do you know about the stock market and the global economy? Can you name companies that offer shares of their stock to the public? Do you know where these company headquarters are located? This lesson challenges you to learn more about companies, stock, and the global economy.


During this lesson, you will be challenged to match publicly traded companies with their headquarters and locate global companies on the DOW, NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange by country and continent. You will also research a global company and share your findings with the class.


stockmarketWhat is a stock? Do you know?

If you said it is a share of ownership in a publicly traded company you are correct.

If someone asked you to define a stock's ticker symbol what would you say?

Would you answer by saying the symbol is a letter or group of letters that represent the company and is how shares of stock are identified and purchased in the stock market?

Many people choose to invest some of their money in the stock market. Their collection of investments makes up their portfolio. Advisors often tell investors to diversify their portfolios. In other words, one would not want to invest all their money in one industry or sector like only purchasing technology stocks or only investing in oil and gas companies. It is better to diversify so that if one industry or sector really suffered a direct impact, your portfolio would not take a complete loss.

Another suggestion advisors are sharing now is to consider the global market in stock portfolios. Recent articles by financial advisors note vast changes happening in the global economy. Emerging markets such as Brazil, India,and South Asia are gaining market share.

If you were asked to name global companies, would you be able to list some? Do you know "where in the world" goods and services you consume are produced? Do you know information about companies in the global market? The activities of this lesson will increase your knowedge and better prepare you to "diversify your global portfolio!"


Activity 1- "Company and Country Connection". This drag and drop activity challenges you to match the company with the country where the company is headquartered.


For Activity 2 you will visit three websites (the DOW , the New York Stock Exchange , and NASDAQ ) to become familiar with global companies and complete the activity sheet.


Debrief the activity by reviewing some key points from this lesson:

1. What is a stock?

2. What is a ticker symbol?

3. What is a portfolio of stocks?

4. Why might you want to purchase stocks in the global market?

5. Where is the company headquarters for Nokia?ticker

6. Where is the company headquarters for Samsung Electronics?

7. Where is the company headquarters for Coca Cola?

8. Share one fact from your Global Scavenger Hunt.

9. Would you invest in global companies? Why or why not?



For the Global Research Activity select one country from Activity 2. Log on to Yahoo Finance , complete the activity sheet and prepare a presentation of your findings for the class. Be creative and original in your presentation. KNOW YOUR FACTS! Be prepared to indicate "where in the world" your company is located.



You and your team will be assigned a country. Select three stocks from that country. Try to diversify your "global portfolio" by selecting companies from different industries. Track the company over the time frame that your teacher gives you. Look for news events that affect your country and your companies. Look at the value of the stock for the company. Note it weekly and make a graph to reflect the increase or decrease in value. Be prepared to share your findings with the class.

You may want to create a PowerPoint presentation to share with the class about your global portfolios.