One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference


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Kojo’s understanding of basic economic concepts helped him become a successful entrepreneur. Will your understanding of these concepts help you win the competitive game of H-E-N Bingo?


Kojo used common sense and hard work to become a successful entrepreneur and make money to provide a better life for his family. You will do the same as you fill in the economic concepts that Kojo had to learn on a bingo card. If you learned the meaning of words like loan, income, goods, and producer mean while listening to the story then you are ready to play H-E-N Bingo.


Activity One: H-E-N Bingo!

Listen to the story of Kojo who used one small loan to buy a hen that gave him and his mother a better life. Then get ready to play the H-E-N Bingo game, here is the H-E-N Bingo Card that you will need. Once you fill in the game board you will need to listen again, this time indentifying the words that match the definition and covering up that space. The first student with three covered spaces in a row wins!

Activity Two: "Because" Questions

Listen to the “because” questions the teacher asks you. After all of the questions are asked, decide if you think Kojo was a lucky boy, a hard worker, or an unhappy person because he was born poor. Be ready to share your choice with the class.

With your teachers permission, go to the One Hen Website for more games and activities.


Tell the students they now have an idea of what opportunity cost, loans, profits, capital resources, human resources, natural resources, scarcity, choice and entrepreneurship are and how they work. In running a business like the one the hen ran, business skills are essential to remain profitable and successful. Understanding the economic concepts you learned in this lesson will help you to be successful in real life situations. Provide a real life example to the students regarding one of the previous economic concepts they learned.


Draw a picture of a hen on the provided activity sheet. Under the drawing list two or more things the hen can do to help Kojo earn money.

Complete the One Hen Vocabulary Sheet.


This Opportunity Cost Activity may not be life-changing, but it should make an impression on you.

To review the concepts used throughout the lesson and in the One Hen book, test your knowledge by completing the Crossword puzzle.