You're Going to College


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think collegeHave you thought about what you will do after your high school graduation? Do you want to go to college? What school do you want to attend? Money is probably a factor in how you answer these questions now, and how you will answer them again in a few years. It is important for you to begin thinking about what it costs to go to college- and how you might be able to pay those costs. This lesson  provides information about college costs; it also introduces some options for covering these costs. You have many choices for continuing your education after high school. To make your college dreams become a reality, start learning  about those choices now.


In this lesson you will identify the costs and benefits associated with college financing. You will also determine the approximate costs for a year at college.


If you could attend any college in the country, without having to worry about being accepted or thinking about the cost, what college would you pick? Visit Peterson’s College Planner and type the name of the school you selected in the “Quick College Search” box weigh the optionstoward the top of the page. After you have viewed the results, and learned what your dream college would cost, discuss your initial reactions with your class. Were you surprised by the cost, or was the amount close to what you expected? Do you think college will be worth it? That is, will the benefits you receive after you complete your college degree outweigh the costs of attending college?

Then visit Go College and read the information it provides about scholarships, loans, and grants. After you have read the information, complete the three-part You're Going to College! interactive activity. It will help you learn more about paying for college and give you a more comprehensive understanding of what those costs will be.


Now that you have a better idea about the costs associated with college, you can start thinking about how those costs might affect you personally. You have acquired some basic ideas and tools to use as you start thinking about how you can handle these costs. The sooner you start to think about your college options, the more prepared you will be when the first tuition bill arrives!



jumpThink back to the first activity and arrange all the costs of going to college in this drag and drop activity.