Everyday Opportunities


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In this lesson, you and your teacher will take a close look at the choices that are made in your classroom everyday. At the end of the day, you will discuss how every one of the things your class chose or did not choose has consequences that are either good or bad. You will get a better idea about why it is important to think before you act and you might also gain a better understanding of why your teacher does some things the way she does them!


In this lesson, you will keep a class list, noting the choices made as a class throughout the day as well as what was given up to make those choices. You will also complete a printable worksheet demonstrating an understanding of opportunity cost and discuss the class chart that was kept until the end of the day. Finally, you will complete the extension activity as homework with your parents/guardians (If applicable).


choiceWhat are some of the choices that you made before coming to school? What did you choose not to do because of that choice? Was your example of the thing that you did not choose to do the next best thing that they could have chosen? If not, what would have been the next best choice? This is the second-best alternative that must be given up and is called your "Opportunity Cost" During the day, your class will keep track of choices that are made. Try and think ahead of your choices to what will happen later if you choose something in particular now. Be ready to give an answer to the question: Why do you think you have made a good choice?

Using a large piece of poster paper that is divided into two columns with one column labeled "choice" and the other column labeled "opportunity cost", your class will record the choices the class makes during the day.


Complete the "Choices Matter" Worksheet.

There are sets of choices to be made in this activity. Your job is to draw a circle around the best choice and draw an X on the "opportunity cost".


On the top half of your worksheet, explain and draw a picture of a choice that you made today. It can be a choice that you made either before or during school. Choices you made outside the classroom would be great, then your teacher could learn something about you that he or she didn't already know. Also, remember that it is all right to draw a picture of a bad choice too. After you have drawn this picture, use the bottom half of the worksheet to explain and draw a picture of what you did not choose or your "opportunity cost". (If the picture you have drawn is of a bad choice, then this picture needs to be a picture of the good choice you should have made that would have been wiser.) Be ready to share with the rest of the class if your teacher asks you.

"My Choice" Worksheet


Use the journal sheet that your teacher gives you and have your parents help you keep track of some decisions that you make from the time you leave school until you go to bed. Think about your choices and opportunity costs. Think about why you chose what you did. Were your choices the best choice or could you have made a better ones? Were there any consequences, good or bad, that occurred after you made your choices? Ask you parents what they think about the choices you made.

"Choices, Choices!" Worksheet