The Mitten


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MittenIn the story The Mitten, you saw what happened as more and more animals moved into the mitten. In this lesson you will learn that sometimes there just isn't enough of something to go around. When that happens, we call it a problem of scarcity. To cope with problems of scarcity, people often need to make changes.



In this lesson you will see an example of what happens when there is a problem of scarcity. You also will think about ways in which such problems might be avoided or fixed.


MittenOn the worksheet provided by your teacher, color the animals and the mitten. Cut out the mitten and glue the edges to a piece of construction paper. Then cut out animals and place them in the mitten--in the order which they entered the mitten in the story.

After you have put the animals into the mitten in the correct order, try this online activity designed to check your memory.

interactive activity


In big cities, when scarcity of space is a problem, what do people do to get more space? Does the city government require some people to leave? Does somebody see to it that taller buildings get built to house more people? Can you think of other possible solutions?

Can you think of other things besides space that might be scarce?

What might be done to solve these problems of scarcity?




What do you think the animals in the story could have done to solve their scarcity problem in a different way?