Changes in Change


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Money is something we see and use everyday. It is important to be able to count coins and bills and be able to make change. Today's lesson will sharpen your money counting skills and introduce you to some new coins.


  1. Review recognition of United States coins and bills.

  2. Practice giving change.

  3. Investigate the new design for quarters.


Activity 1

dimeLocate the ABCya! site.

Your teacher will choose the starting level for you. When you're ready, go on to the next activity.

nickelActivity 2

At , you can put your counting skills to use by giving change after make-believe purchases:

Activity 3half dollar

For this activity your teacher will show you some real coins. Some are ones you have seen before, others may be new to you. Compare and contrast the two sets. Be able to share differences and similarities with a classmate. Your teacher will continue with questions about a place called the United States Government Mint. Do you know what a building called a mint would contain?|

quarterActivity 4

The last web site, the 50 State Quarters Program , will allow you another way to look at our new quarters.



The next time you're buying something at the store or counting your savings, look for the new quarters. Before long, maybe you can find one from YOUR state.


1. Return to the ABCya! site for a competition with a friend.

2. Return to the Funbrain site for more practice in making change.

3. Do you like trivia? Check in at Fun Facts .
Read new information about the mint. Would you like to make a card game or a board game using these fun facts? Others might enjoy your creation.

4. Your teacher has pages prepared so that you can try your hand at designing a new quarter for your state.

What is special about the place where you live?

What sort of objects, people, designs would tell everyone who uses your quarter about your state?

Work alone or with a partner.