Agent Pincher: P is for Penny or Where did money come from?


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moneyFBK Research Department Memo

To: Agent Penn E. Pincher & 1st Assistant
From: FBK Research Department – request from Supervisor
Re: Research leads

Investigate the sites provided below to complete the memo's requirements.
The New Color of Money
The New Currency: About the New $20 Notes
The History of Money


lensFollow these steps:

  1. Print out the Agent Notebook.
  2. For an introduction, review what was assigned in the memo from the FBK Research Department.
  3. Complete the following virtual field assignments record your information and background research.

Assignment 1:

Use the following site to complete your background study of money.

The History of Money

Assignment 2:

Use the following sites to complete assignment two in your agent notebook.

Historical Time-Line of Money

View “Birth of a Coin

Check out The History of Money

What is a Dollar worth: Inflation Calculator

Assignment 3:

Just in – some people think that pennies are a waste of time. Please look to the following resource for more information

Assignment 4: Final Report & Recommendations to the Big Bosses.

Answer the questions provided below.


  1. What is the production process for creating coins/minting coins?
  2. Pick three arguments for keeping pennies in circulation.
  3. Pick three arguments for eliminating the penny.
  4. Give your opinion. How does it compare to the Gallup poll results?
  5. Are you in the minority or the majority?


Take two unlined 3.5 index cards and create two postcards. Design the front of the post card. Somewhere in the design, include a saying that has the word 'penny' in it. Then address the reverse side to a friend or family member. Make each post card different.


Make sure you have completed your Agent Notebook to the best of your ability.