No Room For A Sneeze


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In the story "No Room for a Sneeze", a folk tale retold by Robyn Supraner, a farmer and his wife are going crazy because they have a lot of noisy kids and live in a tiny house. Finally, in utter frustration over their scarcity of space, the farmer's wife sends her husband to see the Wiseman for help dealing with their problem of scarcity. They never expected him to give them the advice he did, but they were so desperate, and he was the Wiseman after all, so they took his advice. 

Each time he gave them advice they became more desperate, but they kept on doing what he said. In the end, their lives were A LOT better and it was all free!


In this lesson you will list and discuss options for solving the problem of scarcity. You will also list the things you would do to solve the problem of not having enough space in your home, as well as list the things the Wiseman told the family to do and compare with the previous list. Finally, you will demonstrate your understanding of "scarcity" by completing a worksheet - interactive.


Think about what would happen if there were many children in your family and you all lived in a house with one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and no bedrooms. How crazy and crowded do you think it would be? Help your teacher make a list of things you could do to solve the problem. Then listen to your teacher read the story "No Room for a Sneeze!" and see if your ideas were the same as the Wiseman's.

After you have done this as a class, print and complete this worksheet. Fill in the blank for each sentence, first describing something you have. Then, fill in the second blank describing something you want. Finally, answer the question at the bottom of the sheet. Don't forget to illustrate each item you wrote down. You can do this in the boxes provided at the right side of the sheet. 


Sometimes we think that what we have is not good enough, and we want our lives to be better. This story teaches us that sometimes more is just simply......more. The farmer and his wife decided that what they have is pretty good, because they discovered how much worse it could be!


Complete one of the following activities below. These are the same activity, but one is an interactive and the other is a worksheet. Complete the one your teacher asks you to, or the one that is most convenient for you.

Interactive Drag 'n Drop Activity: Look at the pictures on the right. Find a picture on the left that shows a solution to what kind of scarcity is being demonstrated on the right and drag it to the matching image.

Printable Activity: Look at the pictures on the left. Find a picture from below that would temporarily fix the problem of scarcity.


Your class could take this lesson to the next level by looking at scarcity on a global level. After your teacher is finished reading a selected book, take the paper that your teacher gave you and fold it in half. Now think of the very best day you have ever had. It might be a special birthday, a great Christmas, or a super vacation. Draw a picture of your great day on one half of your paper. Now think about the stories your teacher read to you about the children in other countries. Think about what their best day or most exciting thing was and draw a picture of it on the other half of your paper. Discuss with your class how your standard of living compares with the children in the stories. Is it better or worse? Are you thankful for all you have or do you always want more?