Every Penny Counts


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hamsterYou know that $5 bill you got for your birthday? There are many things you could spend it on, aren't there? You could buy a toy boat to sail on the pond, a new doll, or a jump rope. But where would you buy the boat, or the doll, or the jump rope? Many stores sell the very same things. Usually it is best to buy things at the lowest possible price. You will read two stories about a boy named Josh. As you respond to the stories, see if you can make smart decisions about spending.


Listen carefully as your teacher reads you two stories: Josh Has Many Wants and Josh Decides to Spend. Your teacher will have questions for you to think about. What decisions do you think Josh has to make in each story? After you read each story you will have the chance to decide if his decisions are wise.

Then, you will be have a chance to see how well you can compare prices.


joshJosh Has Many Wants
Listen as your teacher reads you this story. You will be asked to discuss many things about the story after your teacher has finished reading it.

Josh Decides to Spend
Again, listen to the story as your teacher reads it to you. You will be asked to talk about many things that happen in the story after your teacher finishes reading it.

Smart Buy: 'Where’s the Best Buy'
Three stores are selling nearly all the same goods. Which store has the best price on each item? Compare to find the best buy.

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Often times we want many things we see in stores and we may give little thought to the cost of the things we want. But you can learn to budget the money you have in order to save for special purchases. Even young people can understand that we live in a world of unlimited wants and limited resources, and that choices must therefore be made. You can learn how to do comparison shopping in order to make decisions about good or bad buys. The earlier children begin to think about how they spend their money, the sooner they will become wiser and more satisfied consumers.


Smart Choice: