Human Resources and Capital Resources: It's A Match!


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Do you know what the terms "human resource" and "capital resource" mean? In this lesson, you will learn about special workers and the tools and equipment they use to do their jobs.


Workers and Tools! Today you are going to learn about human resources and the capital resources they use to do their jobs. Get ready for some fun!


Can you name workers that you know or see in our community? Workers are all important people. Click on "song" to learn a song about ten important workers.

In economics, workers are called human resources. Click on "dictionary" to learn the meaning of human resource.

Now hold up one of your hands. As you point to each finger and your thumb, name a human resource. Try to name human resources not mentioned in the song.

Human resources use special tools, equipment, buildings and machinery to do their work. They are called capital resources. Ready for another song?

Next, complete the activity by reading the story about human resources and capital resources and see if they match!

In this activity will will learn more about human resources and capital resources. Match the capital resource with the human resource by dragging each item to the correct location.


Now, let's review!

What are workers called?

Name a human resource we talked about today.

What are the special tools, machinery, buildings and equipment called that workers use?

Name one capital resource a builder might use.

Does a farmer use a tractor to do his job?

Does a veterinarian use a tractor to do his job?

What capital resource might a singer use?


It's time to "show what you know"! In this activity called "Thumbs: Up or Down?" you will run your cursor over the pictures and read the statement. If the statement is true, drag the picture to the thumbs up location. If the statement is false, drag the picture to the thumbs down location.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

It's time to dress like you will when you become a human resource. What capital resources will you need to do your job? Bring those with you.

Be prepared to tell your classmates about your job and the capital resources you will need to do your job.

Then, we'll have a parade through our school!