Who Get's More than Their Fair Share?


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In this follow-up to "That's Not Fair!," you will try out some new ways of sharing and see how you and your friends like them.


How do you decide the best way to share things? If you have to divide things up, who should decide how to do it? Today you'll look at ways of deciding about how to distribute goods. You'll work with your teacher and your friends to find different ways of sharing. Then you'll find out what everyone thinks of the ideas your class comes up with by taking a survey.



Activity 1

Talk with a friend or with your class. In the lesson "That's Not Fair," how did we decide who should get which crayons? What was hard about it? What was easy? Did we all agree?

Take turns talking about your ideas and about other ways goods and services might be distributed.

Use this activity to write down what you think each word means. Hint: Each one is a way of deciding how to distribute goods. Your teacher can help if you get stuck!

Activity 2

Make a list of everyone in your class. Ask each person what his or her favorite snack is, and use a picture to show what each person says. Make rows out of all the same pictures to make a graph showing what the favorites are.

Activity 3
sharing Your teacher has a snack to share. Think about the different ways of sharing and take turns voting on each one. If you think it's fair, use a smile; it it's not, use a frown. Work in a group to vote on all the ways. What did your group think?

Click on the table to vote on ways to share:



Talk about the graph and the activity with your class. What are the benefits and disadvantages (what is good and what is bad) of each? Take a vote on which idea to use and share the treats in that way


Now, draw a picture to show the best way you think people should share in the space provided below.