What Makes an Entrepreneur?


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Selling LemonadeWhat is it that makes someone an entrepreneur? What major characteristics do entrepreneurs exhibits? How do you know if a person is an entrepreneur or not? These are all extremely important questions about the concept of entrepreneurship, and they do not come with easy answers.


Activity 1

An owner of a business is… Brainstorm over the statement and create a list of all the things you feel would complete the statement. You should be prepared to share your answer to this statement with the rest of class in order to prepare a 'master list.' You should write down the master list and have it with you for Activity 2.

Activity 2

You should go to the following web site:
What is an Entrepreneur?
What is Entrepreneurship?
After you have read the web site, answer the following questions.Money Wheel Barrow

  1. What is the definition of an entrepreneur?
  2. What is a social entrepreneur? What is the difference between a social entrepreneur and a commercial entrepreneur?
  3. What is Investorwords definition for an entrepreneur?
  4. What is the International Society of Entrepreneurs' definition?
  5. Define the term lifestyle entrepreneur.
  6. What is an intrapreneur? Go to Intrapreneuring.com to find out how this different from being an entrepreneur?

Now you should create a definition of the term entrepreneur. The definition you create may include ideas from the class-generated list as well as from the material from the questions above. You must also include, within the definition, an example of someone from your community who fits your definition.

Activity 3

Now you should go to the following web site: Meet Dave . Once on the page click on the first date on the timeline. You should now follow the timeline and answer the questions that follow.

Click here to find out what was it that influenced Dave Thomas to enter the restaurant business.

What two things made Dave Thomas an entrepreneur?
Many entrepreneurs make charitable contributions and perform service activities for their communities.
Has Dave Thomas done this? How?
Did Dave Thomas fit your definition of an Entrepreneur? Why or Why not?
Did you see Dave Thomas as an Entrepreneur before this exercise? Explain why you did or why you did not.


  1. Identify three characteristics that can be associated with an entrepreneur.
  2. Explain, using Dave Thomas as an example, the major differences between being an Intrapreneur and an entrepreneur.
  3. Identify an entrepreneur from your community and defend your reasons for this choice.


You are now asked to interview the entrepreneur that you identified in question number three of the conclusion. You should prepare a list of questions to ask the entrepreneur. The teacher must approve this list. Once approval has been given to the questions, you should arrange a time to interview the person and then conduct the interview. Upon completion you should write a short essay on the entrepreneur. The essay should include the characteristics the entrepreneur has shown, the reason they went into the line of work that they are currently doing as well as any other information that is relevant to the topic.