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Using an Excel Checkbook

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A financial institution that provides various products and services to its customers, including checking and savings accounts, loans and currency exchange.

Bank Statement

A monthly summary providing the status of a depositor's financial accounts (checking and/or savings).


The industry involved with conducting financial transactions. Also, conducting business with a bank, e.g., maintaining a checking or savings account or obtaining a loan.

Check Register

A form (usually located in the back of a checkbook) on which users of checking accounts may record checks they have written and deposits they have made. Information thus recorded helps people keep track of balances in their accounts.

Debit Card

A small, specially coded plastic card issued by a bank; allows the cardholder to transfer funds electronically and immediately from his or her checking account, as if the cardholder were writing a check to pay for a purchase.


The study of how people, firms and societies choose to allocate scarce resources with alternative uses.

Personal Finance

Earning income, buying goods and services, saving, using credit, financial investing, and protecting and insuring.

Service Charge

A fee charged by a financial institution for certain financial services provided to customers.


Effort applied to achieve a purpose or result, often for pay; skills and knowledge put to use to get something done; employment at a job or in a position; occupation, profession, business, trade, craft, etc.