Little Bill the Producer!


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Do you have a book? Who wrote that book? Who made the book for you to read? Human beings, that is who! All people are called humans. We are not birds or trees or airplanes. We are humans! Humans can make things. Some human helped make your socks, your desk and your pencil. Read this lesson to find out what Little Bill made.


You will be watching a video book about Little Bill, Alice the Great, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. After watching the video and completing an activity about producers, you will produce your own book about Little Bill, Alice the Great, or Dr. King."


Have you ever made something to give your mom or dad? Have you colored a picture for your mom and dad? Then you are a producer! Producers are people who make things for other people. Follow along with this interactive activity to learn more about producers. What else have you made? Have you made a card? Have you made a book?

In the story, we are going to watch Little Bill makes a friendship flower. He made his friendship flower out of hand shapes in all different colors. He made the flower to thank Dr. King for helping children of all different colors to go to school and play together.

FlowerGo to Thank You, Dr. King. This is a video book about Little Bill and Alice the Great. Little Bill helps make a book honoring Dr. King.

Did you see the friendship flower that Little Bill made? Did you see the book that Little Bill and Alice the Great made? They produced the book. People who make things are called producers.

Little Bill was the producer of the friendship flower. Alice the Great and Little Bill were the producers of the book honoring Dr. King.

Human beings produce things. What does a baker produce? A baker can produce doughnuts, cakes, cookies, and a lot of yummy things to eat. What does an artist produce? An artist produces art work such as paintings and pottery.

Complete this activity. Can you tell what these producers are making?


Now you should be able to tell that producers are humans that make things. You should be able to tell what kind of goods humans can produce. Were Little Bill and Alice the Great human beings in the story? What did they produce? Here's a couple of hard questions for you: Could a robot produce something? Is a Robot human?

Now we know that producers are people who make things. We call these people producers. Could a robot make things? Could a robot be a human?


Orange CrayonMake a book about Little Bill, Alice the Great, or Martin Luther King, Jr. You can run off some coloring pages from the websites to help you. But you have to color the pictures if you are the one making the book! Tell who produced the book (you did!). Are you a human? I sure hope so!

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