This video teaches the concepts of Foreign Currency Markets and Exchange Rates. The foreign currency market is where one currency is exchanged for another. An exchange rate is the actual rate of conversion between two currencies.

Key Concepts

Exchange Rate, Currency, Foreign Exchange Market


Exchange Rates

Students describe and identify the country of origin for certain items they own and the approximate price of these items. They learn that to purchase an imported item, they have to pay the people from whom they bought the item in their country’s currency. Moreover, if they want travel to...

Grades 9-12

The Family Vacation

Students will take a surprise trip around the world. As they travel, they will use clues to discover where they are going. They will then figure out how much money they have spent in U.S. dollars, using exchange rates.

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Marketplace: The Argentina Barter Fair

In April 2002, Argentina's economic situation seemed to be getting worse and worse. Banks closed for nine days before reopening on April 29, 2002. How did Argentinians function during that time? Amy Radil of NPR reported on the flourishing barter economy that sprung up through necessity. Her repo...

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Why do we need money? Think about Ebay!

The students investigate money--its purpose and functions. They complete an exercise, using the online acution site Ebay, to learn why money is critical to an economy.

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Agent Pincher: The Case of the UFO

Agent Pincher: The Case of the UFO--Unfamiliar Foreign Objects. That is what currency from another country may look like. Sometimes when people first try to use money from another country, they feel like they are playing with toy money-it is a different size, color, and shape, compared to one's ...

Grades 6-8


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