Included in this interactive are two videos on choices, which are based on one of the lessons from the Focus: Understanding Economics in U.S. History publication. Lesson 5: Indentured Servitude: Why Sell Yourself into Bondage? provides students with case studies of indentured servitude so they can identify costs and benefits for people of limited means. The introduction video is of an educator describing how he teaches the lesson in his classroom. The classroom video is a demonstration of the lesson being taught to students.

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Key Concepts

Choice, Incentive, Benefit, Costs


Marketplace: Doing Business in Afghanistan

In May 2002, delegates from governments, international companies, and financial institutions met at a United Nations conference in Tehran to discuss the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Afghanistan's officials say that to create a viable economy and a stable society, the country must recreate basic...

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Chevy Volt... It's Electric!

The costs and benefits of owning an electric or hybrid car will be evaluated in this lesson. By reading and researching the history of the production of electric cars, the lesson allows students to understand how this market has developed. Specifically, the evaluation will focus on the Chevy Volt...

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Transportation: They Say We Had a Revolution (Part 2)

Advancements in transportation have played a key role in the growth of our nation. U.S.government policies have also had a considerable impact on the development of transport as we know it today. In this series of three lessons, the students examine the advancements in automobiles, roads, airline...

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Be an Energy Saver

This lesson focuses on the scarce and nonrenewable nature of fossil fuels in order to stimulate student thinking about energy conservation. It emphasizes the fact that saving energy can be good for the wallet as well as the earth's future. Students play a memory game that challenges them t...

Grades 6-8, 9-12

"The Giver": Jonas Makes a Choice

Jonas, a twelve-year old, lives in a seemingly perfect futuristic world. His community protects him from all harm and in doing so has taken away his opportunity to make decisions. Will Jonas ever be able to make a choice on his own? This lesson is based on the award-winning book "The Giver&q...

Grades 6-8


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