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Calendar Item: House Banking Outrage on April 1, 1992

U.S. farmers and the Cuban embargo

This lesson explores trade barriers in general and why some U.S. farmers want one specific trade barrier, the Cuban embargo, completely eliminated.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 05/24/2004

Stock Prices Tumble

Some events change the demand for a stock so that people are willing to buy more or less at every possible price. Some events change the supply of a stock so that people are willing to sell more or less at every possible price. Unexpected news that benefits a company can increase the price of its stock. Unexpected news that harms a company can decrease the price of its stock.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 09/07/1998

Malaysian Government Introduces Currency Controls

In September 1998, the Malaysian government instituted controls in order to protect its currency. How does this affect the prices of goods and services purchased by foreigners?Students gain a better understanding of the consequences of the steps taken by the Malaysian government. Money is bought and sold like any other commodity in the market. Its price, which is called the exchange rate, is based on the supply of and demand for money at a particular time. The tables show exchange rates for May and July of the same year.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 09/14/1998

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Mathematics & Economics: Connections for Life - 9-12

Created specifically for high school mathematics teachers, this publication shows how mathematics concepts and knowledge can be used to develop economic and personal financial understandings.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 2001

7 out of 15 lessons from this publication relate to this EconEdLink lesson.

Energy, Economics, and the Environment: Case Studies and Teaching Activities for High School

This publication helps students analyze energy and environment issues from an economics perspective.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 2006

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Capstone: Exemplary Lessons for High School Economics - Teacher's Guide

This publication contains complete instructions for teaching the lessons in Capstone. When combined with a textbook, Capstone provides activities for a complete high school economics course. 45 exemplary lessons help students learn to apply economic reasoning to a wide range of real-world subjects.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 2003

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