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Lesson: The Story of Jack and the Bank Stalk

You Can BANK on This! (Part 1)

Banking should not be confusing. It should be INTERESTing! Most students in the elementary grades would love to know more about checking accounts, ATMs, credit cards and all the ways in which their relatives buy the stuff that they want. This lesson provides the students with information on banking; it also allows them to try out some procedures for thinking about money and banking.

Grades: 3-5
Published: 09/06/2005

Clickety Clack, Let's Keep Track!

This lesson will show students the importance of keeping track of their savings.

Grades: 3-5
Published: 11/15/2002

Pennies Make Cents

Students will review the history of trade before money and will investigate the history of money. Students will locate information about the first coin authorized by the United States and will learn about the penny.

Grades: 3-5
Published: 12/24/1999