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Lesson: The Opportunity Cost of a Lifetime

"The Giver": Jonas Makes a Choice

Jonas, a twelve-year old, lives in a seemingly perfect futuristic world. His community protects him from all harm and in doing so has taken away his opportunity to make decisions. Will Jonas ever be able to make a choice on his own? This lesson is based on the award-winning book "The Giver" by Lois Lowery, [Houghton Mifflin, Co., 1993.]

Grades: 6-8
Published: 09/08/2014

There is Something in the Water

The United States is losing 60,000 acres of wetlands each year. Is this good or bad? Does anyone really want to live in swamps, fens, bogs, and marshes? Or is it better economics to drain the wetlands for other purposes like agricultural development? In this lesson students will learn about this monumental issue facing the United States while viewing it from an economic perspective.

Grades: 6-8
Published: 01/04/2006

Sand Art Brownies

In this lesson, you will learn about substitute goods. You will have choices to make in your role as a shopper. In making these choices, you will decide whether you are willing to accept one good as a substitute for another or not. Are you willing to make substitutions at the grocery store? Complete this lesson and see.

Grades: 6-8
Published: 05/31/2005

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The following lessons come from the Council for Economic Education's library of publications. Clicking the publication title or image will take you to the Council for Economic Education Store for more detailed information.

Financial Fitness for Life: Grades 6-8 - Teacher Guide

This publication contains 17 lessons that complement the 6-8 Student Workbook. Specific to grades 6-8 are a variety of activities, including developing criteria that students think would make a good graham cracker and taste-testing to determine which graham cracker meets their needs; deciding which activities are better suited to careers or hobbies; and learning how important planning is to the success of any goal or event.

Grades: 3-5
Published: 2010

10 out of 19 lessons from this publication relate to this EconEdLink lesson.

Playful Economics

Designed primarily for elementary and middle school students, each of the 15 lessons in this guide introduces an economics concept through activities with modeling clay.

Grades: K-8
Published: 2011

9 out of 17 lessons from this publication relate to this EconEdLink lesson.

Economics and the Environment: Ecodetectives

Students use economic reasoning to investigate 15 environmental mysteries.

Grades: 5-8
Published: 2005

6 out of 15 lessons from this publication relate to this EconEdLink lesson.