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Focus on Economic Data: U.S. Consumer Price Index, October 16, 2008

This lesson focuses on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and rate of inflation reported October 16, 2008, by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the month of September, 2008. Students read the BLS report, read about the meaning of the CPI, determine the change in consumer prices, and explore how the change in the CPI impacts consumers and the economy.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 12/02/2008

Focus on Economic Data: The Federal Reserve System and Monetary Policy - May 2001

Explore the connection between the economic indicators and real-world issues. These lessons typically can be done in one class period.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 08/21/2001

Focus on Economic Data: The Inflation Rate - August 2001

The seasonally adjusted rate of increase in the consumer price index during the month of August 2001 was 0.1 percent or one-tenth of one percent. The rate of increase in the consumer price index over the last twelve months was 2.7 percent. In August, the core index, which excludes energy and food prices, increased by .2 percent. The core index has increased 2.7 percent over the last twelve months.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 09/27/2001

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Economics in Action: 14 Greatest Hits for Teaching High School Economics

Economics in Action combines 14 favorite CEE simulations, role-playing activities, group activities and classroom demonstrations in one volume.

Grades: 9-12
Published: 2003

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