EconEdLink Update

May 2010

Council for Economic Education

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Featured Lessons:

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Featured Lessons:

Everyday Opportunities
In this lesson, students will learn about choices and opportunity costs that occur every day. While this lesson will go on throughout the day, the actual lesson is short.

Grades K-2, 3-5:

Jobs: Who Needs 'Em?
In this lesson, students will look at the importance having some kind of job. At early ages they sometimes get the idea that money grows on trees and they should get anything that they want. This lesson will look at the consequences of having a job, having a non-paying job (like a stay at home mom), and having no job (whether it's intentional or not). By the time they finish this lesson, they will have a better understanding of the economic impact of good, hard work.

Grades 3-5:

The Effects of the Recession
The students learn how a recession affects our economy, and how it might affect them personally.They examine the role the federal government has played in dealing with the current recession. They analyze their thoughts about what role the federal government should play in dealing with a recession.

Grades 6-8:

Graphing a Lorenz Curve and Calculating the Gini Coefficient
In this lesson, students receive raw data to construct a Lorenz Curve and calculate the Gini Coefficient. This lesson prepares AP Microeconomics students for the Advanced Placement exam. The teacher will briefly interpret the Gini Coefficient.

Grades 9-12:

Other Areas of Interest:

DataLinks on EconEdLink

EconEdLink DataLinks
The DataLinks page provides access up-to-date macroeconomic data for classroom use, including primary source materials, charts, and simulations.

EconEdLink also provides Focus on Economic Data lessons developed on four key economic indicators. The indicators deal with inflation, employment and unemployment, real GDP and the Federal Reserve. The current numbers and lessons can be found on the DataLinks page. The links beside the indicator will always take you to the most current Focus on Economic Data lesson.

Scroll down on the DataLinks page and you will find more information that will help you and your students make sense out of the economic data that is presented

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Verizon Thinkfinity has a NEW look

Verizon Thinkfinity
The month of April Verizon Thinkfinity unveiled its newly redesign web page has launched their redesigned site. You still have access to the same great classroom materials, but you also gain social networking, professional development, and a community section that allows you to save, share, and organize your favorite Thinkfinity resources.

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EconEdLink will have a NEW look

EconEdLink logo
We're redesigning EconEdLink! We're changing the colors, adding some cool new features, and doing our best to make a great resource even better. Based on feedback from our users, we're organizing the site so our three primary audiences -- educators, students, and parents -- can find resources quickly and easily. The new and improved EconEdLink will launch this summer. Stay tuned!

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