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February 2010

Council for Economic Education

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Featured Lessons:

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Featured Lessons:

This Little Piggybank Went to Market
Students will learn that work is the source of income and that banks are places in which people save and secure money they have earned.

Grades K-2:

Money Comes and Goes
Students read two online stories that introduce them to the elements of a budget and show that a successful budget balances money coming in (income) with money going out (expenses and savings). Follow-up activities point out the value of a budget. Students learn that a budget can help us make sure we buy the things we really need and want. A budget can also help us save for things that we can’t afford to buy right now. In a culminating activity, students create a budget they could use to achieve a savings goal.

Grades 3-5:

Climbing the Savings Mountain
Students discover how saving money can be compared to a mountain climb. The climb can be fast or slow, safe or hazardous, scenic or thrilling. You will find out that there is more than one way to get to the top!

Grades 6-8:

Banks & Credit Unions (Part I)
Students learn about banks and credit unions, identifying similarities and differences between the two types of financial institution. They also evaluate a local bank and credit union to determine which one would be better suited to their needs. (This is Part I of a two-part project.)

Grades 9-12:

Other Areas of Interest:


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We have introduced a myEconEdLink feature that gives you the ability to save lessons, add notes to your saved lessons, and be notified when new resources are available. This feature can be found in the upper right corner of the EconEdLink homepage. You will need to provide basic information for the login -- this information will help us to customize your user experience. Once you have submitted your information you will then need to go to your email account and authenticate your login information.

MyEconEdLink gives the ability to save lessons, add notes to these saved lessons, and will be provided with related lessons to the lessons you have saved. You will also be notified when new lessons are published. This feature will grow as we find more uses for it and as users provide us with suggestions on how to improve it.

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Celebrate America Saves Week

February 21- 28, 2010, is America Saves Week and EconEdLink has lessons that build good savings habits at all age levels. From This Little Piggybank Went to Market to The Five Stages of Investing, you'll find interactives, lessons and other fun teaching tools that guarantee America Saves Week will be a success in your classroom. Use these great resources to make it a worthwhile week for your students.

More information visit:

National Financial Capability Challenge

The Challenge is an awards program for high school teachers and students that encourages the teaching of personal finance, and is sponsored by the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. Department of Education. There is a kit of free teacher resources to supplement the Challenge, which includes lessons from:

  • Learning, Earning and Investing
  • EconEdLink
  • Your Credit Counts
  • Financial Fitness for Life
  • Financing Your Future.

All participating teachers will receive personalized awards certificates, and teachers in states with the highest participation rates will earn special distinction.

Sign Up by March 14 and complete the Challenge by April 9:

The Gen I Revolution: An Online Personal Finance Game

The Gen I Revolution consists of fifteen interactive missions in which students complete a variety of activities to help them learn Gen I Revolutionimportant personal finance concepts. Within each mission, students are introduced to a character who is facing a particular financial crisis.

As a part of the Gen I Revolution, the student learns about the crisis, strategically selects “Operatives”, and then completes activities with the ultimate goal of solving the mission. The competitive nature as well as the engaging activities provides a motivating learning environment for students.

Combined with the Learning, Earning and Investing® print materials, the Gen I Revolution provides a comprehensive investor education program that your students will love.

Have your students Sign Up for The Gen I Revolution:

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