What is myEconEdLink?

MyEconEdLink allows educators to access and customize content that is relevant to individual classroom needs. It's a great way to organize and keep track of valuable lessons and resources that you and your students can use everyday!

How do I search for lessons and resources?

You can search by the National Standards for Financial Literacy to find online, print, interactive and video resources. We have correlated our content to state-specific personal finance and economic standards and are well underway in the process of aligning our lesson to the Common Core State Standards. All of this makes relevant lessons easier to find?and saves busy teachers valuable time!
Users can search for lessons by:

  • Keywords
  • Lesson Type
  • Author
  • State Standards
  • National Standards for Economics

How can I find lessons related to economics?

When you are at the EconEdLink home page, simply click on "View All Lessons

How do I know what standards these lessons will match?

When viewing the "Online Economic Lessons" page, the corresponding standards are directly below the title of each lesson. Or, if you are on the main screen and select the "Standards" link on the upper-right-hand corner, you will see the standards for your specific state.

How can I take the lessons provided and have them apply to students?

When you have entered a lesson you will select "View Student Version"" on the upper right-hand corner that will take you to a version of the lesson that applies to students."

Does it matter which type of computer I use to access EconEdLink?

You can use both Mac and PC.

If I have problems with EconEdLink, where can I go for technical support?

From the Econ Ed Link homepage, click on the "Contact"" tab on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This section allows you to email us

If I want students to learn more about a particular concept, can EconEdLink help?

Yes, when you have accessed the "View All Lessons" page from the home screen, the column on the right hand side of the page allows you to select lessons based upon concepts, lesson types, standards, grade levels, interactive activities, author name, or you can even search for a key word.

Does EconEdLink provide more than just lesson plans?

Yes, this site provides a large number of online economic interactive tools that are classified by their related concepts, it provides access to an economic newsletter, a link to current key economic indicators, a calendar of historical events, current events, economic web links, data links, and more. All of this information can be accessed from the EconEdLink home page and the "Educator," "Student," and "After School" pages.

Is there any way to keep track of my activity on EconEdLink so I do not have to navigate the page each time I access it?

Yes, on the home page you can sign in to EconEdLink in order to save any progress that you have made on prior visits to the site.

Is there any way to get updates from EconEdLink?

Yes, you can subscribe to the newsletter, and you could also become a fan of EconEdLink on Facebook and Twitter, which provide updates related to the site.